Al Shifa Lab always carefully helping patients.
So, it’s a Trusted healthcare for your family.


Clinical Excellence

We provide comprehensive and high quality laboratory testing in a patient-responsive manner.


Expert Diagnosis

Diagnoses are provided by subspecialty experts, and consultation with physicians is important for patient care.


Continuous Quality Improvement

We are continuously evaluating and implementing the best practices in laboratory testing across the testing spectrum.


Dedication to our Staff

Our staff are our most valuable resource and are supported and recognized for their accomplishments.


Innovative Test Development

A continual focus on new test development is important to provide the best capabilities for patient diagnosis.


Research and Education

Research is crucial for leadership in laboratory medicine; education and development is important at all levels

Al Shifa Lab & Diagnostic Center have 20 years of experience.

Al Shifa Lab Diagnostic Center was established in 2002. It is located near Lahore General Hospital where the surrounding population has low income. The aim was to provide reliable health services to these low income people at reasonable charges.

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Our Mission

The Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Institute contributes to excellent patient care by providing comprehensive, high quality laboratory testing and patient-focused expert consultation. This mission is supported by innovative research and new test development, exceptional customer service, continuous quality improvement and leadership in education.

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Our Vision

We will provide the highest quality laboratory testing and expert pathology diagnosis to patients institutionally, regionally and nationally

Professional Doctors

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Prof. Dr. M. Riaz Hussain

Gold Medalist

Consultant Pathologist

Medical Director

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Prof. Dr. M Tariq Chaudhry


M. phil Hematology

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Dr. Muhammad Anjum Ayub


Consultant Radiologist

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Muhammad Imran

BSC, M. phil

Molecular Biologist

More About Us

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The story of Success

Founded in 2002 by a US trained pathologist, Al Shifa Lab Diagnostic Center began with a small branch located in Opposite Lahore General Hospital, Feroz Pur Road Lahore, and a big idea

To deliver the highest quality patient care, every day, for everyone, and become a leading laboratory for comprehensive diagnostic services. And so began a journey that has spanned 14 years, Chain of branches in Pakistan, and hundreds of thousands of satisfied patients. Each day, we renew our promise to you: To work tirelessly to ensure accuracy and quality. To provide you with the most trusted and most caring level of service. To innovate and build a better laboratory.

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Accuracy & Quality

Accurate daily quality testing, to international standards, ensures that our equipment's accuracy is spot on. Reagent storage is tightly monitored, and also excels to international standards. Smaller labs do not always use the highest quality of reagents available. The volume of tests we perform enables us to deal directly with large multinational suppliers, to ensure the absolute highest quality of testing chemicals is used.

Tests with highly variant results are retested free of charge to double-check their accuracy.

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Convenience & Comfort

All lab tests are checked by a Pathologist before being returned to you, and specialists in Hematology, Microbiology, Histopathology and Immunology oversee all work and are available to discuss your results if required. With branches across different cities, an outshinebranch is never far away. Our 24-hour Main Lab provides you with the emergency support you need after-hours. In addition to a wide and ever-expanding portfolio of laboratory tests, X-Ray and ECG facilities are also available at each branch Our venipuncturists are the best trained and most gentle around, and for your convenience we also provide female venipuncturists, and specialists in children's blood collection.

Urgent testing for hospitalized patients is performed for no extra charge.

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Innovative Technology

Our large array of testing equipment is truly state-of-the art, featuring such best-in-class analyzers Our custom designed information management system has been built from the ground up to ensure speed, convenience for the patient and accuracy. All samples are bar-coded upon receipt to prevent sample-switching, and machines interface directly with the software to eliminate human error. The software also enables us to provide a wide array of report delivery options, including email, SMS and online. From biometric locks at staff entrances, to facility-wide uninterruptible power, to a world class server room, every aspect of our infrastructure makes sure your results are available on time and your privacy is protected fiercely.

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Always Moving Forward

Although it's been 14 years in the making, the outshine Story is far from over. Each day, we explore new, underserved locations in our desire to spread quality, trustworthy diagnostic facilities across Pakistan. We continue to drive the market forward, and introduce new technologies, new tests and new facilities to our patients. Whether you are an individual, a company, or a doctor, you deserve the best service and most accurate results possible, because health is not something you can afford to make compromises with. Walk into a location today, give us a call, or email us.

We are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to prove to you that we really are the best.

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